The topics of each committee of MUNKY personal statement for graduate school 2015 can be found below:


GA1 – Disarmament & International Security

  • Combating the trade of arms world-wide.
  • Measures to control intelligence gathering and espionage in the digital age.


GA2 – Economic & Financial

  • The question of creating measures to solve a permanent solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.
  • Measures to eliminate corruption in developing countries.


GA3 – Social, Humanitarian & Cultural

  • Measures to control the rate at which people are migrating.
  • Ensuring that the cultural and human rights of refugees are preserved in refugee camps.


 Environmental Commission

  • Measures to promote the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources.
  • Measures necessary to promote awareness of climate change and its effects in well-populated,     low-lying coastal areas.

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