Welcome to the official website of MUNKY (Model United Nations Kyrenia).
Our conference is being organised by the MUN team of the English School of Kyrenia and will be held on the 27th -28th November 2015.
We look forward to welcoming you to our conference.

What is MUN?

MUN, otherwise known as Model United Nations or Model UN, can be described as a simulation of the UN. Students from different schools, backgrounds, countries and cultures come together at conferences as delegates – representatives – of UN nations.
As a team, these delegates create resolutions outlining how they think important world issues, such as the crisis in the Middle East and the international trade of arms, should be solved. Together, they spend hours debating these resolutions, getting to know the issue, the format of a real UN debate, and each other in the process. They give passionate speeches about their resolutions, pick holes in other delegates’ arguments, debate in accordance to the ‘Parliamentary Procedure’ of the UN and persuade the represented nations to vote for or against resolutions. They gain an understanding of their countries, global issues and the UN, at the same time as learning how to distance personal feelings from the policy of their delegation. But most of all, for the few days of the conference, young students become mature delegates, and make friends with other delegates from around the world.
MUN conferences are truly memorable experiences that give students a sense of being part of something extraordinary, momentous, and, most importantly, immensely enjoyable.


What is MUN-KY (Model United Nations Kyrenia)?

MUN-KY is an MUN conference that is hosted every year at the English School of Kyrenia. It is organized by the MUN team of ESK, comprising of Tolga Atun, Noah Swanson, Cecilie Neilsen, Kaan Ibrahim, Bilge Nevzat, Tumen Dambiev and Holly Cartwright. Ms. Suman is the co-founder and director of the Model United Nations programme at ESK.
It was in November last year that the MUN team attended an MUN conference in Istanbul. This was a great experience for us and we enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, we liked it so much that we decided to host our own MUN conference at ESK. Except this one, we said, was going to be better. Whether it was is up to the delegates of our last conference – which was held in March – to decide. We, for one, had a great time.
A lot of hard work went into that conference, and a lot of hard work is going into the conference that is being hosted in November of this year. From flowers to biscuits, dinner menus to room plans, the MUN-KY team put all their effort into making sure this conference will be the best that it can be.
And, with the all-important two days of resolution drafting and debating a matter of weeks and days away, we sincerely hope that you will make this MUN-KY conference your MUN-KY conference.